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Multiple CSS Pseudo Classes

What is the proper CSS syntax for applying multiple pseudo classes to a selector. I'd like to insert "," after each item in a list except the last one. I am using the following css:

ul.phone_numbers li:after {
content: ",";

ul.phone_numbers li:last-child:after {
content: "";

This works fine on FF3, Chrome and Safari 3. IE7 doesn't work because it doesn't support :after (as expected). In IE 8 this renders with a comma after each li including the last one. Is this a problem with IE8 or is my syntax incorrect? It's ok if it doesn't work in IE8 but I would like to know what the proper syntax is.

Answer Source

:last-child is a pseudo-class, whereas :after (or ::after in CSS3) is a pseudo-element.

To quote the standard:

Pseudo-classes are allowed anywhere in selectors while pseudo-elements may only be appended after the last simple selector of the selector.

This means your syntax is correct according to CSS2.1 and CSS3 as well, i.e. IE8 still sucks ;)

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