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How can I run nodemon from within WebStorm?

I would like to use nodemon from within the WebStorm IDE (version 7). Nodemon watches one or more files in my source folder and restarts the node process (an Express server in this case), when one of the source files changes.

How do I configure WebStorm to use nodemon in a Run Configuration, so that the node process is automatically restarted?

Without nodemon, I use the following configuration in WebStorm, but have to restart the node process whenever I change something in the source file:

  • Node interpreter:

  • Working directory:

  • JavaScript file:

This results in a Run Configuration that runs
node server.js
in the specified directory.

From command line, I can use the following command to use nodemon to watch for file changes:
nodemon server.js
in the project directory.

How do I need to change the WebStorm configuration so that it also uses nodemon?

Answer Source

It looks like the workaround with --exec isn't necessary anymore, at least when using the newest version of nodemon and Webstorm 7 or 8.

All you have to do is specify your path to nodemon (e.g. /usr/local/bin/nodemon) under "Node parameters":

Webstorm with nodemon

@Bela Clark, thanks for confirming.

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