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CSS Question

Is there a way to select an element AND siblings in css and/or less?

Often I want to style an element AND its younger siblings. Suppose I want to style the third

and all following ones. I know that I can do this:

span:nth-child(2) ~ span
width: 125px;

In English, this says "get the second
and style all following ones". So this effectively does style from the third one on.

But I don't like this syntax, because:

  • I have to read this carefully every single time, because it's not easy to understand.

  • If I change the HTML to use a
    instead of a
    , I have to change the corresponding CSS in two places.

So, is there any way, possibly using a LESS function or mixin, to do the equivalent of:

width: 125px;

Answer Source

Use span:nth-child(n + 3) { ... }

so there's no tag repetition and you would naturally use the index starting from 3

Codepen demo

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