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Get actual dimensions of image uploaded with carrierwave using fastimage

I am trying to get the dimensions of a image using carrierwave but I was hoping to get the dimensions with my own code I created trying to run fastimage

after commit
. I get this error:

wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
Extracted source (around line #45):
# [String] contents of the file
def read
file.read if file.respond_to?(:read)

carrierwave (0.11.2) lib/carrierwave/uploader/proxy.rb:45:in `read'
fastimage (2.1.0) lib/fastimage.rb:343:in `block in fetch_using_read'

model would look something like this

class Micropost < ApplicationRecord

after_save :change_picture_dimensions
mount_uploader :picture, PictureUploader

def change_picture_dimensions
if :picture?
widthheight = FastImage.size(picture)
if widthheight[0] >= 501
newheightratio = widthheight[1].to_f / widthheight[0].to_f
newheight = newheightratio * 500
self.picture = "<img src=\"" + picture.to_s + "\" width=\"500\" height=\"" + newheight.to_s + "\">"
self.picture = "<img src=\"" + picture.to_s + "\" width=\"" + widthheight[0].to_s + "\" height=\"" + widthheight[1].to_s + "\">"

This is just a local file on my system. I can get dimensions using minimagick here but wanted to know more about the process of carrierwave and why I cannot use my method to get the dimensions cause of this error? In my method I am just using a ratio to keep the aspect ratio but fit into the fixed width of a div I have for any image.

EDIT: I realised I need to do it before the object is saved but even with before_create I get the same error.

Answer Source

You cannot assign picture a string. It must be an URL, file or an IO object.

If you want to preprocess your image width to fit 500px just declare the following:

# app/uploaders/picture_uploader.rb
class PictureUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
   process resize_to_fit: [500, nil]

class Micropost < ApplicationRecord
  mount_uploader :picture, PictureUploader

To save an image from another server you can do:

micropost = Micropost.create(
  picture: 'http://server.example.org/image.png'

and now you can render it on the page

= image_tag micropost.picture.url

You can also store image size in your model. Read this documentation how to do this. After you saved your image dimensions into a picture model, you can specify them in image_tag, but it will be redundant I think because browser will detect image size automatically

= image_tag micropost.picture.url, width: picture.width, height: picture.height
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