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JSON Question

Get data from rest service using D3

I have a working web service at http://localhost/RestService/GetTransactionByStatus/1. When I run that URL on my browser I'm getting the correct JSON-formatted response:

"transactionConcil" : "TRANSACTIONS OK",
"numTransactionConcil" : 0,
"transactionNoConcil" : "TRANSACTIONS NOT OK",
"numTransactionNoConcil" : 0

How can I manage this REST service in order to present the correct data in my browser using a web service? The data is going to be managed dynamically so the information that is going to be displayed depends on the ID (last param in the URL).

Answer Source

Look at the documentation. Here is an example:

d3.json('http://localhost/RestService/GetTransactionByStatus/' + id, function(data) {
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