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Javascript Question

JQuery change class by given id's

I have a number of tables, for example:

<table class="onion" id="12">

When a div named "Mark_Pre_Val" gets clicked i want tables with the id's 4, 6, 12 & 21
to change their class to "onionClick", and if one of them is already "onionClick" then don't
change the class.

Here is the click event:

$(".Mark_Pre_Val").click(function(){ });

Can someone point me to the right direction how to approach this?

Answer Source
  $('#4, #6, #12, #21').removeClass('onion').addClass('onionClick');

Edit: as others have pointed out, element ID's should not contain only numbers. If you are outputting these tables in a loop and using the ID as an iterator, you may find it more elegant to use index().

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