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Javascript Question

Detect texbox clear-event in IE. How do I clear the input type="text" (textbox) in IE (Internet Explorer) when IE-specific clear-box is clicked?

In Internet Explorer, there is a little x-like button is shown, when you start typing in the textbox. How do I detect the event when this icon is clicked on? Is there an event-type?

<input type="text" value ="" id ="qsearch" name="qsearch"
onBlur="qsearchLookup(this.value);" OnClick="qsearchLookup(this.value);"
onkeyup="qsearchLookup(this.value)" size="26">

function qsearchLookup(searchVal){

enter image description here

Answer Source

I do not know about special event for this small x-like button, and I don't think that it exists, but you can use input event (oninput="qsearchLookup(this.value)" in your case) to catch this change.

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