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How to calculate averages over a range psql

I am able to get an average from my database for one year. Is there a way to effectively get this data for all the years (2017-2054) in my database without having to manually enter the date every time? Is it possible after I select the average from all the dates to put that in a new table? Thanks!

lcoe=# select techindex, avg(lcoe) from lcoe where year = 2017 group by techindex;
techindex | avg
Combustion Turbine | 0.0564000003039837
Unscrubbed | 0.0689999982714653
Offshore | 0.119428569717067
Photovoltaic | 0.208888891670439
EGS | 0.0549999997019768
Fuel Cell | 0.115666666378578
Onshore | 0.0587692308024718
Scrubbed | 0.0556000009179115
Solar Thermal | 0.134285714477301
Combined Cycle | 0.0457142852246761
Hydrothermal | 0.104249998694286
Hydroelectric | 0.0765999995172024
IGCC | 0.0762727270749482
Distributed Generation | 0.282000001519918
Nuclear | 0.0755000002682209
Biopower | 0.125571429197277
(16 rows)`

Answer Source

You can generate all combinations of the years and tech indexes and then generate the average for each combination:

select y.year, ti.techindex, avg(lcoe.lcoe)
from (select distinct year from lcoe) y cross join
     (select distinct techindex from lco) ti left join
     on y.year = lcoe.year and ti.techindex = lcoe.techindex
group by y.year, ti.techindex;

If you only want techindex that are in each year:

select yti.year, yti.techindex, avg(lcoe.lcoe)
from (select distinct year, techindex from lcoe) yti 
     on yti.year = lcoe.year and yti.techindex = lcoe.techindex
group by yti.year, yti.techindex;
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