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How to create Github pages from a project's documentation?

I have a project on Github that has a directory containing some automatically generated HTML documentation. I would like to use that documentation within Github's project pages facility.

So, I've read the instructions on how to create the project's gh-pages root branch. This effectively creates an empty branch.

What I'd like help with is mirroring the html files in the

path from the
branch, so they are in the root of the
branch. What is the best way of approaching this?

Answer Source

Answering my own question here... have achieved what I wanted with Git submodules.

I basically copied what's detailed in this sake task, but in summary:

  • Moved the docs path into a temp folder. Commit changes.
  • Created a clean gh-pages branch as per the usual instructions
  • Moved everything from the temp folder into the new gh-pages branch. Commit changes.
  • Back in the master branch, add the remote gh-pages as a submodule in the docs folder.
  • Commit changes. Voila!
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