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Sort data in Single column on the table based on the Heading in Angular

What I am working on is to perform sort operation in a table on a single or multiple columns. Let's assume that we have a table like this.

enter image description here

On clicking on Heading 1 only the Data 1 and Data 2 should be sorted when clicking on the Heading 2 the Data 3 and Data 4 need to be sorted.

Have implemented simple sort for the table in Angular, but cannot get an idea how to implement this one with two sets of data in a single column.

Even tried separate tables since the order by in Angular is based on the key in the array, both(Data 1,2,3 & 4) are getting updated when clicking on the Heading 1.

ng-repeat is used to form the table

Can anyone point me in the right direction(on Angular 1.x)?

Sample Fiddle

Answer Source

The problem is that you're using the same variable to handle the reverse!

<div ng-controller="MyCtrl">
  <table class="table">
    <tr class="heading">
      <td ng-click="reverse1=!reverse1;predicate1='id'">id</td>
    <tr ng-repeat="user in users | orderBy:predicate1:reverse1">
    <tr class="heading">
      <td ng-click="reverse2=!reverse2;predicate2='id'">id</td>
    <tr ng-repeat="user in users | orderBy:predicate2:reverse2">

You can check this working fiddle ==> http://jsfiddle.net/ANEA6/17/

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