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C++ Question

How do I push to stack with unqiue_ptr without making a copy?

Originally I made a stack that took a abstract type of

. So that'll be...

std::stack<GameState*> gameStates

However, someone informed me that if I wanted to retain ownership that I should use C++11's smart pointer
. So that'll be...

std::stack<std::unique_ptr<GameState>> gameStates

Now whenever I push my
onto the stack, my compiler complains. I'm doing something wrong apparently...

It says..

no instance of overloaded function matches the argument list

ReigalaSplash splashScreen1(game); //gameState object declaration
gameStates.push(std::move(&splashScreen1)); //move to stack without copying

The red line where the error appears is right over the

How do I fix this ?

Answer Source

std::unique_ptr is designed to own heap memory, you're trying to give it stack memory.

What you'd like to do is:

std::unique_ptr<GameState> splashScreen1Ptr(new GameState(game));
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