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Scroll to a specific part of a UITextView in Swift

In the Swift app I'm creating, the user can type some text into a text view and then search for a specific string within it, just like in Pages (and numerous others).

I have the

of the character they are searching for as an Integer (i.e., they are on the third instance of "hello" in the massive text block they typed in, and I know that's the 779th letter of the text view) and I am trying to automatically scroll the text view to the string they're on, so that it pops out (like it would in Pages).

I am trying to jump to the applicable string with this command:

self.textview.scrollRangeToVisible(NSMakeRange(index, 0))

but it never jumps to the right place (sometimes too far down, sometimes way too far up), often depending on screen size, so I know that
doesn't belong right there.

How can I correctly allow the user to jump to a specific string in a text view, by making the text view scroll to a certain character?

Answer Source

You can get string, which is before index 779, and then calculate the height of this string and then scroll to this point.

let string = textView.text.substringWithRange(Range<String.Index>(start: textView.text.startIndex, end: textView.text.startIndex.advancedBy(779)))// your <779 string
let size = string.sizeWithAttributes([NSFontAttributeName:yourFont])
let point = CGPointMake(0, size.height)
scrollView.setContentOffset(point, animated:true)
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