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PHP Question

How can I sort an array by number of occurrence of its values?

I have the following array:

$name_arr = array('raj','raj','ganesh','rahul','ganesh','mayur','raj','rahul');

I want to sort it like this:

$final_arr = array('raj','raj','raj','ganesh','ganesh','rahul','rahul','mayur');

How can I achieve it?

Answer Source

Simple way using array_count_values and arsort:-

$array = array_count_values($name_arr); //get all occurrences of each values
print_r($array);//print occurrences array
$final_array = array();

foreach($array as $key=>$val){ // iterate over occurrences array
  for($i=0;$i<$val;$i++){ //apply loop based on occurrences number
    $final_array[] = $key; // assign same name to the final array

print_r($final_array); // print final array


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