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Simple tunnel build fails - NEAppProxyErrorDomain

I downloaded the last version of SimpleTunnel.


I have Xcode 8.1.

When I try to build that project I receive 2 times the error "Use of undeclared type 'NEAppProxyErrorDomain'" in ClientAppProxyConnection file, in these lines:

func handleErrorCondition(_ flowError: NEAppProxyErrorDomain? = nil, notifyServer: Bool = true) {
func closeConnection(_ direction: TunnelConnectionCloseDirection, flowError: NEAppProxyErrorDomain?) {

I tried to clean the project and rebuild them several times, and I deleted the entire project and downloaded again, etc...

What can I do?


Answer Source

This only occurs with Xcode 8.1. I installed again Xcode 8.0 and works well.

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