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Regex for Validetta jQuery plugin

I am validating an input field with the Validetta jQuery plugin (regex demo).

I want to allow numbers, letter, spaces and dashes.

I'm trying to create the correct regex for the Validetta parameters:

validators: {
regExp: {
regname : {
pattern : [pattern here]
errorMessage : 'Only numbers, letters, spaces and dashes allowed'

Here is a link to a regex tester with prefilled regex and results:

It seems to be matching everything I want it to match.

It provides the regex in three formats:

/([A-Z0-9 -])/ig

([A-Z0-9 -])

text.match(/([A-Z0-9 -])/ig);

These are not having the desired effect when used in Validetta, eg:

pattern : /([A-Z0-9 -])/ig,

This validates:
web's test

This doesn't:


pattern : ([A-Z0-9 -]),

Causes page not to load with Firebug error:

// SyntaxError: expected expression, got ']'

What pattern should I be using in Validetta to get the desired results?

Jan Jan
Answer Source

As said in the comments, you probably want:

^[-A-Za-z0-9 ]+$

Note the dash in the beginning as well as the anchors which will only allow the specified characters in the class from the beginning to the end.

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