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retrieving array as comman seperated values in codeigniter

I am using the below code to get the ids from the pr_users table and store it in pr_notification_table,but unable to store the values separated by comma into pr_notifications table. I want to store $notification_data['show_users'] as 1,2,3,4 etc so that notifications are sent to these ids. Its inserting NULL on executing this , I have attached table images also,enter image description here

pr_notifications table is as below:

enter image description here

My controller code is:

if($data['rows'][0]['last_status'] == 'Accepted')
$ids= '22';
$data['success_message'] = $this->exit_common->send_notification_to_all_roles($ids);
echo "Success";


My model code is:

function send_notification_to_all_roles($ids)

global $USER;
$post_arr = $this->input->post();
$this->db->from('pr_users as g');
$this->db->where('userroleid', $ids);
//$this->db->join($this->myTables['pr_users_details'].' as ud','ud.userid = g.userid');
//$this->db->join('pr_users_details as ud','ud.userid = g.userids');

/* $this->db->join($this->myTables['users_details'].' as ud','ud.userid = g.userid');
$this->db->join('pr_resignation_type as gt',' = g.sr_type');*/

$return = $query->result_array();
$arr = explode(',',$return);
foreach($arr as $num)
echo $num."<br>";

$manager_id = $this->get_value_by_id('managerid','users',$this->session->userdata('admin_id'));
$v_memberid = $manager_id . "," . $user_id;
//$manager_id = $this->get_value_by_id('managerid','users',$this->session->userdata('admin_id'));
$notification_data['ref_table'] = 'pr_resignation_requests';
$notification_data['ref_id'] = '1';
$notification_data['modifier_id'] = $USER->id;
$notification_data['show_users'] = $num;
$notification_data['notification_descr']= "A new Job has been created" ;//$manager_id;
$notification_data['notification_text'] = "A new Job has been created";
$notification_data['added_on'] = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
$notification_data['url'] = 'exits';
$notification_data['uurl'] = 'exits';
return 'Resignation Request submitted successfully';

Answer Source

I think you have to get notification_id from pr_users table, and then use the following code for get notification_id comma seprated.Assume than your notification id array is :- $user_notification_ids_info Now go with this code.

$ids = ''; $notification_ids = '';
for($i=0; $i<count($user_notification_ids_info); $i++)
$ids = $user_notification_ids_info[$i]['notification_id'];
$notification_ids.= $ids.", ";
$notification_ids = substr(trim($notification_ids), 0, -1);

Now simply echo $notification_ids; it will return your comma seprated notification id. It will helps you try this one.

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