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Using AND between two corresponding elements of Array and OR between them in Codeigniter Active Record

Pardon me if I'm being dumb, been coding for 30 hours straight

Final Output Required:

= 'MO' AND
= 'GREENE') OR (
= 'NY' AND

My Try:
I have this query (written for testing), I wrote the code for it in codeigniter but I've failed to properly convert it into codeigniter's Active Record. I'm aware of where_in and or_where_in functions of codeigniter. I tried the following code:

// some code
$counties = $query->result_array();
for($i = 0; $i < count($counties); $i++)
$this->db->or_where('county', $counties[$i]['county']);
$this->db->where('state_code', $counties[$i]['state_code']);
$zips_query = $this->db->get('cities_extended');
return $this->db->last_query();
// some code

This gives the following output:

"SELECT `zip` FROM `cities_extended` WHERE `county` = 'Laclede' AND `state_code` = 'MO' OR `county` = 'Greene' AND `state_code` = 'MO' OR `county` = 'Webster' AND `state_code` = 'MO'"

Crux: HOW DO I PUT ( county ='HELP' AND state_code = 'ME' ) OR ( county= 'WILL' AND state_code ='YOU') using Codeigniter's Active Record.

Answer Source

You can do like in the below code

$this -> db -> select('*') -> from ('cities_extended') -> where("(state_code = 'MO' AND county= 'GREENE')") -> or_where("(state_code = 'NY' AND county = 'GREENE')");

$result = $this -> db -> get();

Edit: Please do the below one

for($i = 0; $i < count($counties); $i++)
   $this->db->or_where("'county' = '".$counties[$i]['county']."' AND 'state_code' = '".$counties[$i]['state_code."']");
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