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calling a method from another method in same PHP class

I'm trying to use a method from within another method in a class. I don't have much experience in PHP5 OOP, and I looked around for answers, but couldn't find any. I'm trying to use getClientInfo() in sendRequest(), which is in the same class.

class DomainHandler {

public static function getClientInfo($db, $client_id)
//Do stuff

public static function sendRequest($details)

$db = new MySQL;

getClientInfo($db, $client);

And it tells me:

Fatal error: Call to undefined
function getClientInfo()

I've also tried

parent::getClientInfo($db, $client);


$this->getClientInfo($db, $client);

to no avail.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

It's a static method so you have to call it with self::getClientInfo or DomainHandler::getClientInfo.

Also: You might want to read up on object oriented programming since it looks like you have not yet understood what it's really about (it's not just putting functions between a class Foo { and } and putting public static in front of them)

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