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Javascript Question

Is it possible to combine ImageNow with Javascript and php?

I currently have an internal site for my company where our customer support users will be uploading files from our clients. Originally, I had planned on using the help of mysql and a protected, shared network folder and used mysql to hold the filename and path. However, we also utilize ImageNow for other processes. Does anyone know if ImageNow works with javascript and php outside of the software itself? I'm new to ImageNow so any advice is appreciated.

Answer Source
            logObArray = getDocLogobArray(workingDoc);
            for (var i=0; i<logObArray.length; i++)
                var docObj = logObArray[i];
                var filePath = docObj.filePath;
                var fileType = docObj.fileType;
                var ftToCheck = fileType.toUpperCase();
                var phsobID = docObj.phsobId;

                //write OSM info to the file, you'll have to add the other code around this but premise is correct and tested
                var outRow = filePath;
                outRow = outRow + '\n';
                if (Clib.fputs(outRow, outCsvFP) >= 0)
                    debug.log('DEBUG', 'Wrote OSM Path [%s] to file successfully.\n', filePath);
                    stats.inc('Wrote OSM Path to file');