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Android SDK Version 25 - v7:25 gives "No resource found that matches @color/hint_foreground_material_light" Adobe Creative SDK?

I get the following error while the gradle sync/build after switching the compileSdkVersion to 25 and using the latest library versions.

compile ''
compile ''
compile ''


No resource found that matches the given name (at 'android:textColorHint' with value '@color/hint_foreground_material_light').

Any idea?

I think thats because of Adobe Creative SDK... Not sure. Others are running fine with SDK 25.

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We should not wait for a solution... Maybe there is a newer version as I am using ('com.adobe.creativesdk:image:4.6.3')

EDIT2: I found out that this is coming from "fengdai alertdialog" which is a Adobe SDK dependency. But DEPRECATED! I asked Adobe for some support.

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Solution: Add these lines to your colors.xml:

<color name="hint_foreground_material_light">#00000000</color>
<color name="hint_foreground_material_dark">#00000000</color>

That is a workaround until adobe does not fix the problem.

Works with v10.0.0 and should also work with all others.

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