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compare elements of two strings java

I want to check if one string contains a specific length of char-sequence in another string, f.e.

String user1_hobbies = "friends, cinema/outside"
String user2_hobbies = "outside, going out with friends"
boolean check;

if (user1_hobbies.contains(user2_hobbies)){
check = true;
} else
{check = false

ofc this attempt doesn't work because the whole string must contain the whole char-sequence. I just want to check, if only parts of both string will match... in this case it shall match because "friends" or "outside" are matching.

Answer Source

Following the tip from @JBNizet, you could create two sets of words for the two sentences and then check to see if the intersection between the two sets be non-empty:

Set<String> set1 = new HashSet<String>(Arrays.asList(user1_hobbies.split(" ")));
Set<String> set2 = new HashSet<String>(Arrays.asList(user2_hobbies.split(" ")));

if (set1.size() > 0) {
    System.out.println("There was a match.");
else {
    System.out.println("There were no matches.");

You might want to first remove any extraneous punctuation you might have, such as commas or slashes. There could be even more work required in addition in your actual problem.

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