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Drupal installation issue. Strange error

So I installed Drupal 8 beta earlier today, and once installed I got the following on localhost/drupal:

screenshot of web browser

I decided to delete Drupal 8 and get the stable version, just incase this was the issue. Turns out I have it for the stable version also.

Could possibly be a apache2.conf issue? But I'm new to Drupal, and have no other problems with other sites not using the CMS.

Thank you for your time.


handle($request) // Handle the response object. ->prepare($request)->send(); $kernel->terminate($request, $response); } catch (HttpExceptionInterface $e) { $response = new Response($e->getMessage(), $e->getStatusCode()); $response->prepare($request)->send(); } catch (Exception $e) { $message = 'If you have just changed code (for example deployed a new module or moved an existing one) read http://drupal.org/documentation/rebuild'; if (Settings::get('rebuild_access', FALSE)) { $rebuild_path = $GLOBALS['base_url'] . '/rebuild.php'; $message .= " or run the rebuild script"; } // Set the response code manually. Otherwise, this response will default to a // 200. http_response_code(500); print $message; throw $e; }

Answer Source

Try looking in your http.conf file located at: /private/etc/apache2

ensure that #LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/libphp5.so is uncommented.

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