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Populate ListView with Firebase Adapter

I'm receiving these errors when I tried to populate a list view with firebase adapter using firebase UI Failed to convert
value of type java.util.HashMap to String Class
java.util.HashMap has generic type parameters, please use
GenericTypeIndicator instead

Here Is the code

DatabaseReference ref = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().getReference();
DatabaseReference a = ref.child("info");

final FirebaseListAdapter<String> adapter =
new FirebaseListAdapter<String>(this,String.class,android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1,a) {
protected void populateView(View v, String model, int position) {

TextView text = (TextView) findViewById(;


here is an example of json data

"info" : {
"KSTUJILdwPN305Fs7ujhga4knlG3" : {
"File Info" : {
"-JFRkA855rfOU7GtcK4" : {
"Name" : "John",
"Adress" : "Test Adress",
"Favourite_food" : "Bread",

Answer Source

info node is not refers to your data model. It may contains children nodes. So to reach the model. you should use a reference like this.

 DatabaseReference a = ref.child("info").child(info_id).child("File Info").child(file_id); 

and you should have a FileInfo model instead of String model to use in

populateView(View v, FileInfo model, int position):

and model

public class FileInfo {

private String Name;
private String Adress;
private String Favourite_food;

public FileInfo() {

public FileInfo(String Name, String Adress, String Favourite_food) {
    this.Name = Name;
    this.Adress = Adress;
    this.Favourite_food = Favourite_food;

public String getName() {
    return Name;

public void setName(String Name) {
    this.Name = Name;

public String getAdress() {
    return Adress;

public void setAdress(String Adress) {
    this.Adress = Adress;

public String getFavourite_food() {
    return Favourite_food;

public void setFavourite_food(String Favourite_food) {
    this.Favourite_food = Favourite_food;