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C++ Question

Function for getting the ordinal of a number?

I was about to write a C++ function doing the following:

1 ---> "1st"
2 ---> "1nd"
3 ---> "3rd"
17657 --> "17657th"

i.e. produces the ordinal extension string for that number (it doesn't have to do an
of the number itself). But then I thought "surely something in the standard library or boost does this already?"


  • I know it's not hard to write this, there's an implementation in Python right here on SO, I just don't want to duplicate code.

  • I need this in English, obviously. A multi-language version would be nice for political-correctness considerations, not more than that...

Answer Source

Here's what I ended up writing:

const char* ordinal_suffix(int n)
        static const char suffixes [][3] = {"th", "st", "nd", "rd"};
        auto ord = n % 100;
        if (ord / 10 == 1) { ord = 0; }
        ord = ord % 10;
        if (ord > 3) { ord = 0; }
        return suffixes[ord];

The code golf solutions are cute, but - they really do optimize for terseness, not anything else. This is faster (although it could be made even faster by putting the suffixes in a .cpp out of the function body and making the code inlinable), much clearer, and still more terse than most other answers here.

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