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Xcode 8 beta 6 unwind segue seems broken because "WithSegue" is added to @IBAction unwind method name automatically

I just realised that, in the current Xcode 8 beta 6, when I hook up an unwind action to, e.g., a bar button item in a modally presented view controller to unwind the modal presentation segue and present the view controller previously in the navigation stack, Xcode adds an "WithSegue" to the name of the existing @IBActions that can be used for this purpose - and that this breaks the unwind segue (it won't be performed). If I edit the storyboard file in source code (as XML), and remove this "WithSegue" from the @IBAction method identifier, the segue works as expected. For example, my unwind method in the originating view controller (the destination for the unwind segue) is called "unwindFromSettingsToTableView" - and Xcode/Interface Builder rename this method to "unwindFromSettingsToTableViewWithSegue" when I CTRL-connect the bar button item in the modally presented view controller to the view controller's exit item in the scene dock.

Is this a bug in Xcode 8 beta? Is it a known bug? Am I missing something?

I checked my previously connected unwind segues (connected in Xcode 7), and they don't have this "WithSegue" suffix. If I delete those existing "vintage" unwind segues, and connect them again in Xcode 8, Interface Builder now suggests the same method name with the "WithSegue" suffix - and those segues break. When I delete the suffix in storyboard source code, the unwind segue works again.

Would be great to get any indications. This behaviour is annoying.

Best wishes!

Rob Rob
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In Swift 3, if you don't want it to add WithSegue, define your @IBAction method to not name the first parameter:

@IBAction func unwindHome(_ segue: UIStoryboardSegue) {
    // this is intentionally blank

If you don't use that _ syntax, when it goes to hook up the @IBAction, it will add the WithSegue to the name.

When I use the above syntax for my unwind action, it works fine in Xcode 8, beta 6.

As an aside, when I don't use the _ syntax shown above in beta 6, it names the action unwindHomeWithSegue but it still works with that longer name, with no editing of the storyboard XML needed. I wonder if your non-functioning unwind segue is a result of some other issue. We need a reproducible example of the problem to diagnose further. Perhaps you can share a MCVE.

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