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ExpatError: junk after document element xml python error

I have a project that needs to be conversion from xml to dict in python. I am using the xmltodict library however when I convert the xml to dict it raises the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<console>", line 1, in <module>
File "/Users/deanchristianarmada/Desktop/projects/asian_gaming/radar/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 311, in parse
parser.Parse(xml_input, True)
ExpatError: junk after document element: line 2, column 0

my code is:

import xmltodict

xml = '<row dataType="TR" ID="3B6B408870BA7AC3E05381010A0A5849" agentCode="690001001001001" transferId="G87_AGIN160901115820S441XB" tradeNo="160831287638239" platformType="AGIN" playerName="mubuuvu2" transferType="IN" transferAmount="28" previousAmount="0" currentAmount="28" currency="CNY" exchangeRate="1" IP="0" flag="0" creationTime="2016-08-31 23:58:16" gameCode="" />\r\n<row dataType="TR" ID="3B6B408870BB7AC3E05381010A0A5849" agentCode="690001001001001" transferId="160831231227456_Hunter_Out" tradeNo="160831287639025" platformType="AGIN" playerName="zxh123" transferType="OUT" transferAmount="-50" previousAmount="50" currentAmount="0" currency="CNY" exchangeRate="1" IP="0" flag="0" creationTime="2016-08-31 23:58:18" gameCode="" />\r\n<row dataType="TR" ID="3B6B408870BC7AC3E05381010A0A5849" agentCode="690001001001001" transferId="160831231227452_Hunter_In" tradeNo="160831287639507" platformType="AGIN" playerName="qqq19qq32b" transferType="IN" transferAmount="71" previousAmount="0" currentAmount="71" currency="CNY" exchangeRate="1" IP="0" flag="0" creationTime="2016-08-31 23:58:19" gameCode="" />\r\n'

_dict = xmltodict.parse(xml, attr_prefix="")

I can't seem to find a way to fix it and I'm not used in xml, I'm used with JSON

Answer Source

If you add a starting root tag in the beginning and an ending root tag in the end of the xml string, it should work.

    import xmltodict

    xml = 'xml string here'
    xml = '<root>'+xml+'</root>'
    _dict = xmltodict.parse(xml, attr_prefix="")

Basically, it's just missing the tag.

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