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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How do i send data to asp.net controller so that it can return a view?

What I want to do is so simple, I'm still trying to learn ASP.NET with c# and MVC application but I'm just having a lot of difficulty getting a simple example to go through, then I can grow from it, here's how it goes: I have a simple html5 form that's method is GET, the type is text and I basically want to submit a text into my mvc controller, once my controller get's it, I want it to output that string 'worked' through HTML5, how do I do this?

summary: string 'worked' --> html form --> c# controller --> html (view?)

here's what I got for my 'view' (Search.cshtml)

<form action="Home/Search" method="get">
<input type="text" name="q" />
<input type="submit" value="Search" />

ok, so far so good, if I input 'worked' nothing is going to happen unless I add more code, here's c# (HomeController.cs):

public ActionResult Search(string q)

return this.View(q?); // so what exactly is View(q)? what is view returning? }

okay so this is where I am confused, does my string go through and become stored in 'q'? and if so, how do I get this thing to use HTML5 to output something like

<p> q </p> <!-- q = 'worked' -->


In your controller, you are calling the View(...) method incorrectly. The View(...) method expects the string parameter you're passing to be the path to the razor view you're trying to render.

A quick and simple way to pass the q variable from your controller to a view to be rendered is using ViewBag.

If you have a razor view named /Views/Search.cshtml you would do:

public class MyController : Controller
  public ActionResult Search(string q)
    ViewBag.Query = q;
    return View("~/Views/Search.cshtml");

Then in /Views/Search.cshtml use it like this: