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Creating play/pause functions with current audio javascript

I have an extension for chrome I am working on, I have an HTML popup that has buttons that play audio. I don't think my approach is the most elegant and I am having trouble exploring ways to shrink this down. I know this is very inefficient. I want to be able to tell which button was clicked on the HTML page, then using that ID play the audio file with that same ID. The way I have it now is using the EventListener in javascript to use multiple functions to stop or play. Is there a way to put all of this in one function through javascript or jquery to fix this chaos? Since I am doing this on a chrome extension I cannot use Javascript in the HTML document.

Currently I have my HTML like this;

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/audio.js"></script>

<a href="#" class="myButton" id="stopbutton">Stop Audio</a>
<a href="#" class="myButton" id="aud1">Audio 1</a>
<a href="#" class="myButton" id="aud2">Audio 2</a>
<a href="#" class="myButton" id="aud3">Audio 3</a>

My JS file like this to create the variables for my audio files.

var aud1 = new Audio();
var aud2 = new Audio();
var aud3 = new Audio();

Along with this function to start playback when a button is selected with the coresponding name.

function aud1play() {
aud1.src = "mp3/aud1.mp3";;
document.getElementById('aud1').addEventListener('click', aud1play);

//you get the trend

To stop my audio I have the following function:

function audstop() {
document.getElementById('stopbutton').addEventListener('click', audstop);

Answer Source
var audios="myButton"),function(el){
    var audio=new Audio();
    return audio;

Simply iterate over your buttons, create an audio element with the right src for it, and bind the onclick listener to its play function. Then map the audio elements.

document.getElementById('stopbutton').addEventListener('click', function(){

To stop, simply iterate over the audio elements and call the stop function on each...

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