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doxygen markdown fails to parse fenced code block

Doxygen fails to parse fenced code blocks in a markdown file. Here's my snippet:

#include <cstdio>

int main() {
printf("Hello World");

This appears in the output as plaintext.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{.cpp} #include

int main() { printf("Hello World"); } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What is my mistake here?

Answer Source

This looks trivial in hindsight, but I spent a lot of time debugging it, so thought I should share it with the community. The problem was that the number of tildes ~ at the start and end of the fenced block should be equal.

Minimum 3 tildes are required to mark a fenced block, but to make the fenced block more easily visible, I like extending them to the complete line. I had originally copy-pasted the starting line at the end, but I then removed a few ~s to make room for the {.cpp}.

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