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YAML Question

The reserved indicator "@" cannot start a plain scalar

Using PHPUnit 5.2.3 with Symfony 2.6.11 and php 5.6.18, I'm getting the error

The reserved indicator "@" cannot start a plain scalar

My yaml files are well escaped with quotes.

This happens for many of the dependencies of my project.

Following this advice I would have to update and/or submit a PR.

Would I have to do that all my dependencies ? Isn't there a way to avoid that ?

Answer Source

I have the same error with Symfony 2.3.

Instead of using php phpunit.phar from your project directory, use the one from the vendor ./vendor/bin/phpunit.

Alternatively, you can use a phpunit-old.phar that is version 4.8. This version is less strict about quotes in config files.

Source: iget-master comment on this page.

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