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Objective-C Question

How to add UIActionSheet button check mark?

I wonder how to add check mark to the right of actionSheet button the simplest way?
Bellow is a screenshot of Podcasts app.

enter image description here

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Try this trick :

  • Learn how to show a ViewController as a pop-up
    • Add UITable to a ViewController
    • Show items in a UITable
    • Customize the UITable by adding custom cells
    • In each of the custom cells add a button
    • That button will have two kinds of images, one blank box and the other box with a check mark
    • when user touches a table cell you need to change the button image corresponding to that table row so the user thinks they are checking or unchecking the box
    • and lastly add a done button at the bottom to dismiss the viewcontroller

Google all these items for tutorials. As I said this is not a simple task as there is no out of the box check mark function in Xcode.

From : http://stackoverflow.com/a/40542931/3901620