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Python Question

Python version also shows a `+` symbol

I've been installing (compiling from source and then

make install
) python 2.7.12 since past few months on a few machines. After installation, I push the result of
python -V
pip -V
to a log file.

This has been going peachy on all of the AWS instances. I did this on my own machine, and running
python -V
gave me the following output:

Python 2.7.12+

What does the
symbol mean? I couldn't find any documentation for the same anywhere.

Answer Source

From http://effbot.org/pyfaq/how-does-the-python-version-numbering-scheme-work.htm :

You may also find version numbers with a “+” suffix, e.g. “2.2+”. These are unreleased versions, built directly from the subversion trunk. In practice, after a final minor release is made, the subversion trunk is incremented to the next minor version, which becomes the “a0” version, e.g. “2.4a0”.

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