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jQuery Question

serialize string for sending

I have such code

var serializeValues =$(this).find("input[type='hidden']).not('.table-element').serialize();

The Value:


This string I am sending as data in ajax. But I have table. I am changing my values from table and in the result I have:


How can I add this string for previous and convert in same format?


type: 'POST',
data: serializeValues,
url: url,
complete: function()

I want to send this ajax request, serializeValues is a data for this request, after that I use
in php to get values.I am getting
automatical from form with the help of
. And I am generating some string like
and I want add this string to serialize value, but I can't do it.
data: serializeValues+mystring,
is bad way, because in php
doesn't work.

Answer Source

How can I add this string for previous and convert in same format?

Include & at beginning of string, use encodeURIComponent(), concatenate to serializeValues

serializeValues = serizlizeValues + encodeURIComponent("&work_status=working")
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