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Delete cache on a dynamic page in CodeIgniter

I have reviewed the documentation of CI regarding caching a full page here:

I understand that I can cache a controller/function using the below; anywhere inside that function:


However my problem is that for example we have a page:


as you can see the

  • controller->article

  • function->specific

  • slug->this-is-a-slug

When I cache the function inside itself, the system automatically detects that slug and creates a new cache for each slug uniquely.

However when I want to delete the cache for that specific slug I do not know how I can do it outside the function itself:


How can specific that I need only the cache for this specific slug to be deleted?


You can do it wherever you wish, as long as you know the URI. The string in the delete_cache is the URI.


Caching can be enabled on a per-page basis, and you can set the length of time that a page should remain cached before being refreshed.