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Installing RMagick gem -- Can't find MagickWand.h

I am installing the rmagick gem on OSX 10.6.8, using

gem install rmagick
, and I am getting the following error

Can't install RMagick 2.13.1. Can't find MagickWand.h.
*** extconf.rb failed ***
Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of
necessary libraries and/or headers. Check the mkmf.log file for more
details. You may need configuration options.

Provided configuration options:

Gem files will remain installed in /Users/disaacs/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p125/gems/rmagick-2.13.1 for inspection.
Results logged to /Users/disaacs/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p125/gems/rmagick-2.13.1/ext/RMagick/gem_make.out

Looking in the mkmf.log file I see

have_header: checking for wand/MagickWand.h... -------------------- no

"/usr/bin/gcc-4.2 -E -I/Users/disaacs/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p125/include/ruby-1.9.1/x86_64-darwin10.8.0 -I/Users/disaacs/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p125/include/ruby-1.9.1/ruby/backward -I/Users/disaacs/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p125/include/ruby-1.9.1 -I. conftest.c -o conftest.i"
conftest.c:3:29: error: wand/MagickWand.h: No such file or directory

It's true. The file MagickWand.h is not found in any of the directories specific by the
directives of the
command. Why not? And how can I fix this?

ImageMagick is installed, using homebrew. If I search my drive I find MagicWand.h installed in

I've tried all the suggestions in Can't install RMagick 2.13.1. Can't find MagickWand.h., but none of them have worked.

Another thing to note: I originally had ImagMagick 6.7.0-7 installed using MacPorts, and RMagick installed just fine. Except that it would not work with the CarrierWave gem. So I uninstalled MacPorts and uninstalled RMagick. Then reinstalled ImageMagick using
brew install -f imagemagick --disable-openmp
, and attempted to reinstall the rmagick gem (which brings me to my current problem). I restarted all terminals at each step, to ensure that my paths were refreshed.

Answer Source

Turns out the answer was in Can't install RMagick 2.13.1. Can't find MagickWand.h. after all. I had just followed the suggestion incorrectly.

C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick/6.7.7-6/include/ImageMagick gem install rmagick

This installed rmagick gem successfully.

Unfortunately, rmagic is still not working with CarrierWave :-(, but that is a different problem altogether.

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