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How can I train Tesseract on Windows 7 with tess-two downloaded and built?

So far, i have built an ocr app, using tess-two. In order to build the app, I downloaded and built the tess-two library (thanks rmtheis!).

I need to improve OCR output, because the results have less than 20% accuracy levels. I am working with only numbers (0 to 9) and I hope to achieve 100% accuracy.

I have downloaded ghostscript, vietocr and serak as recommended by some blogs which i went through. They cover the training process with more detail than most other entries on the subject. (links here: Pradeep's Blog, reachsri site)

My question is; do I have to download tesseact app again?

some steps in the training seem to imply that I will be executing commands begining with "tesseract.exe", and I dont have any such file on my computer.

Do I still need to download the tesseract app? Or can I work with tess-two?

Any and all help will be appreciated.

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You can train Tesseract on Windows or Linux and use the generated .traineddata file with tess-two. Make sure your tool includes Tesseract training executable.

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