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What does $$ (dollar dollar or double dollar) mean in PHP?

Example is a variable declaration within a function:

global $$link;

What does

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A syntax such as $$variable is called Variable Variable.

For example, if you consider this portion of code :

$real_variable = 'test';
$name = 'real_variable';
echo $$name;

You will get the following output :


Here :

  • $real_variable contains test
  • $name contains the name of your variable : 'real_variable'
  • $$name mean "the variable thas has its name contained in $name"
    • Which is $real_variable
    • And has the value 'test'

EDIT after @Jhonny's comment :

Doing a $$$ ?
Well, the best way to know is to try ;-)

So, let's try this portion of code :

$real_variable = 'test';
$name = 'real_variable';
$name_of_name = 'name';

echo $name_of_name . '<br />';
echo $$name_of_name . '<br />';
echo $$$name_of_name . '<br />';

And here's the output I get :


So, I would say that, yes, you can do $$$ ;-)

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