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Bash Question

Error for convert command in command line

I have a bash shell script as below.


SIZES=("512" "1024" "2048")

for i in ${!SIZES[*]}
echo $SIZE

# first, resize original image
convert -resize $SIZE"x"$SIZE! chernarus2048.jpg chernarus$SIZE"x"$SIZE.jpg
mkdir tiles$SIZE
# slice resized image into 256x256 tiles
convert -crop 256x256 chernarus$SIZE"x"$SIZE.jpg tiles$SIZE/tile%04d.jpg
rm chernarus$SIZE"x"$SIZE.jpg

But When I run this in command line using the following command

sh chernarus2048.jpg

I am getting an error convert: command not found

I am using OS X Yosemite 10.10.2.The image is kept in the same folder where the shell script is placed.Please help me out.

Answer Source

First you have to install macport from Then install imagemagick using $ sudo port install ImageMagick or Then close your terminal and restart the pc and run your code again.

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