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Calling a method from another jar file

I'm still kind of new to java, and one thing I haven't had to work with until now is calling a method from a class that is not in a package that is part of that particular project. I have two jars: ai.jar and functions.jar. Inside functions.jar I have a bunch of classes right inside, so they aren't in folders or anything. Inside ai.jar, I have a class that accesses a particular method inside ai.jar. I've tried to create a reference variable by using

and various other things like that, but I always get a classnotfoundexception. How do I do this? Thanks!

Answer Source

You have to add them to your Build path of your project.

Then you just need to import that class.

Then create the instance of particular class if it is a instance method.

Other wise ClassnameInJar.method(); if it is a static class.

See examples with screen shots

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