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Android Question

Is there @minApi annotation, analogous to @TargetApi annotation in Android?

int API_VERSION = 21;

@TargetApi(API_VERSION) is used in Android to specify that the method/class is supported for API_VERSION and below.

Can we mirror something similar which specifies that a method or class is supported for API_VERSION and above only?

Note:- I did not find any such annotation, but would like to ask the community is they have come across something like this or have implemented their own annotation?

Answer Source

There is @RequiresApi:

Denotes that the annotated element should only be called on the given API level or higher.

This is similar in purpose to the older @TargetApi annotation, but more clearly expresses that this is a requirement on the caller, rather than being used to "suppress" warnings within the method that exceed the minSdkVersion.

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