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Javascript Question

Creating a 2d associative array javascript (same as a php assoc array)

I am trying to create an array in javascript which will allow me to access data like this:

var name = infArray[0]['name'];

however I cant seem to get anything to work in this way. When i passed out a assoc array from php to javascript using json_encode it structured the data in this way.
The reason why i have done this is so i can pass back the data in the same format to php to execute an update sql request.

Answer Source

JavaScript doesn't have associative arrays. It has (numeric) arrays and objects.

What you want is a mix of both. Something like this:

var infArray = [{
    name: 'Test',
    hash: 'abc'
}, {
    name: 'something',
    hash: 'xyz'

Then you can access it like you show:

var name = infArray[0]['name']; // 'test'

or using dot notation:

var name = infArray[0].name; // 'test'
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