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Find comma in the parameters of a function using regex

I need to find the occurrence of a chain call functions, but must include the case where there is more than one parameter passed as (programming in java):



So far only managed to make the regex when there is only one parameter or no one:





I trying this, but its not working:

[\w] + ([\.] + [\w] + [(] + [\w]* + ([\,] + [\w])* + [)]) {2,} + [;]

My code:

public static void checksMessageChain (String s) {
if (s!=null && s.matches("[\\w]+([\\.]+[\\w]+[(]+[\\w]*+[)]){2,}+[;]")) {
System.out.println("\nIts Message Chain for "+s+"\n");
splitMessageChain(s); // {0,} equivale a *
} else if (s!=null && s.matches("[\\w] + ([\\.] + [\\w] + [(] + [\\w]* + ([\\,] + [\\w])* + [)]) {2,} + [;]")) {
System.out.println("\nIts Message Chain for "+s+"\n");
} else {
System.out.println("\nIts not Message Chain for "+s+"\n");
} }

Answer Source

I wouldn't bother with specifying the parameters and just use this :


Note that this will fail if one String parameter contains a closing parenthesis, and it doesn't handle multi-line expressions.
As is usual for such a complex language, you'd better use a specialized parser. I have never used one, but a quick search reveals javaparser available on Github.

You can try it on regex101.

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