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git fetch branches with specified prefix

I have following branches in remote origin.


I want to fetch branches which are starting with
. How can I achieve this with
git fetch
My Git version is

Answer Source

Since Git version 2.6, you can specify partial substrings (with simple glob-style matching) in a fetch or push refspec. Hence:

git fetch origin 'refs/heads/ft_d*:refs/remotes/origin/ft_d*'

would do what you are asking for. Generalized regular expressions are not available, nor generalized globs: only the one specific case of * matching everything between two fixed strings is allowed. (Some fixed strings here may be empty. Usually the back half is, i.e., we usually fetch refs/heads/*, not refs/heads/*x to get just branches whose name ends in x.)

If your Git is older than 2.6, there is no simple way to do this in one fetch. You will need multiple fetches, in a loop, and you will need to do your own name-matching, perhaps using the output from git ls-remote.

(Of course, git fetch origin will normally just bring everything over, as specified in the remote.origin.fetch configuration entry or entries, and in most cases there's little point in constraining git fetch this way. Are you sure you want to bother?)

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