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Prism Xamarin Forms CustomRenderer causing navigation issue in iOS

I am using a custom Label in my Xaml that has a custom renderer. This seems to work fine in Android, but not in iOS.

Repro: Run the app in iOS. Tap Home to go to Home page. Tap Login. A modal Login page will show up with a switch. Toggle (or not) switch and tap Done. Back in Home page, it checks for results in INavigationAware.OnNavigatedTo() and displays a dialog box. In iOS, however, it is not getting called when I use XfLabel that has custom renderer. Not using a custom renderer will result in correct behavior.

Is XF's ExportRenderer mechanism messing with Prism's DI somehow on iOS?

Prism.Forms (6.2)

XF (2.3)

Sample code:

Answer Source

For anyone having this issue. It was an oversight in my custom renderer, as pointed out by Brian Lagunas as well. Instead of updating the native control in OnElementChanged(), I was updating the XF Element.

Should update the native control, like this

Control.TextColor = UIColor.Purple; // iOS


Control.SetTextColor(Android.Graphics.Color.Purple); // Android

Instead of

Element.TextColor = Color.Purple;

Moral of this story: Haste makes Waste ;)

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