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React JSX Question

why does ReactJS suppress changes in <input> elements but not in e.g. <select> elements

Here's a SSCCE to illustrate my question:

const React = require('react');

const App = React.createClass({
getInitialState: function() {
return {
text: 'foo',
selection: 'apples'
, render: function() {
return (
<input type='text' value={this.state.text}/>
<option value='bananas' selected={this.state.selection==='bananas'}>bananas</option>
<option value='apples' selected={this.state.selection==='apples'} >apples </option>
<option value='onions' selected={this.state.selection==='onions'} >onions </option>

The above React component when rendered, displays (unsurprisingly) the below view:

enter image description here

The model is taken into account as expected.

When one tries to type into the
element nothing happens. The explanation is that ReactJS uses one way flow and you have to add
listeners to update the model etc. That's fine.

What I don't get is why ReactJS prevents the
element from changing and forces it to always reflect the model value that flowed down to it, whereas at the same time it allows me to change the

enter image description here

enter image description here

Apparently my mental model is lacking. What am I missing ?

Answer Source

What you have here is a controlled <input> element and an uncontrolled <select> element. See controlled components

Its possible to create an uncontrolled text input by not specifying the value prop.

And its possible to create a controlled select element by specifying the value prop.

<select value={this.state.value}>
  <option value="bannanas">bananas</option>
  <option value="apples">apples</option>
  <option value="onions">onions</option>

There is documentation explaining specifically this. See here

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