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Any way to prevent horizontal scrolling triggering swipe back gesture on OS X Lion Safari?

I am working on a UI that uses horizontal scrolling in a

element (using
overflow: scroll
). I cannot scroll to the left, because it would start the animation for going back in history. Likewise, I cannot scroll to the right when there is a website to go forward to.

It works well on other browsers including Chrome on OS X Lion, which also supports swiping to go back in history. (At one point while I was developing, scrolling in a
worked on Safari, too. I've added event handlers and html which probably broke scrolling, but I have no clue what made it change.)

Ideally, I would like to prevent going back or forward in history when scrolling on a specific
(even when it has reached an end.)

Update: I tried adding jQuery.mousewheel and it somehow fixed the problem. (I just attached a empty event handler on
.) I am still looking for a definitive answer.

Answer Source

I've been looking for a solution for days. What I have so far is in this plugin:

It disabled scrolling for OSX Chrome (I couldn't find a way to disable it for OSX Safari) when you scroll left and up.

I hope that helps, please contribute to the project with any bugs you find, or if you find a way to disable this annoying behavior for Safari