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Javascript Question

Sketch.js : Change default brush size

I am using sketch.js library to draw something on canvas. Basically what I need is that the default brush size seems big to me. I want to change the default brush size. Please help in this. I have looked in this link but description on this link works after clicking on anchor tab. I want to change the size by default. Any help is appreciated.


somewhere in the sketch.js file there is this piece of code where you can change the default size.

Sketch = (function() {
function Sketch(el, opts) {
  this.el = el;
  this.canvas = $(el);
  this.context = el.getContext('2d');
  this.options = $.extend({
    toolLinks: true,
    defaultTool: 'marker',
    defaultColor: '#000000',
    defaultSize: 5 //<<< here you can change the default size
  }, opts);