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How to make the .sh file should be in running state always

I'm new to shell scripting, i want the command to be in running always.
My .sh file -

echo "Scrapyd is started now"

i have changed the permission also
chmod +x etc/init.d/

I have placed this file in etc/init.d but it is not working.
My understanding as of now " the location
is to run the .sh files
whenever the server or system boots up but i want my .sh file to be running state always.


Using crontab you can easily auto start any scripts in ubuntu.
Please do the following steps,

  1. Run the command crontab -e so that you can edit the crontab.
  2. Now add the following line to the crontab editor @reboot sudo <script> in your case it should be @reboot sudo scrapyd.
  3. Now reboot your system, then you will find scrapyd running.

Hope it Helps.