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How to use sfinae to check, whether type has operator ()?

I have following code:

template <typename T>
struct function_traits
typedef decltype(&T::operator()) test_type;
typedef std::true_type res_type;

template <typename T>
struct function_traits
typedef std::false_type res_type;

In other words, I want to know whether type has operator (). I thought that I can use SFINAE way to do this. However compiler tells:

'function_traits' : class template has already defined.

What's wrong with such code?

P.S.: here is simple usage:

auto f1 = [](const int a){ std::cout << a << std::endl; };
auto f2 = false;

EDIT: I am using c++ 11 standard

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Encouraged by a positive feedback, I will post a brief answer here.

The problem is that you cannot define a class twice, but you did this two times :-

template <typename T>
struct function_traits {  .... some code ..... }    

C++ doesn't allow that.

To check whether a function is exist, there is already a question about it, you can modify it to support the operator().

Here is a demo, very-slightly modified from Nicola Bonelli's answer there.

#include <iostream>

struct Hello
    void operator()() {  }

struct Generic {};    

// SFINAE test
template <typename T>
class has_parenthesis
    typedef char one;
    typedef long two;

    template <typename C> static one test( decltype(&C::operator()) ) ;
    template <typename C> static two test(...);    

    enum { value = sizeof(test<T>(0)) == sizeof(char) };

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    std::cout << has_parenthesis<Hello>::value << std::endl;    //print 1
    std::cout << has_parenthesis<Generic>::value << std::endl;  //print 0
    return 0;

I just knew a few minutes ago that it also works for operator().

Edit: I changed typeof to decltype as StoryTeller and LmTinyToon recommended. Thank.

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