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When would the use of over re.findall in Python Regex make sense?

I understand the technical difference between using
in Python, but would someone with more experience explain situations in which you might use
over just using
for regex parsing?

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From documentation, string, flags=0) :- Scan through string looking for the first location where the regular expression pattern produces a match, and return a corresponding MatchObject instance. Return None if no position in the string matches the pattern; note that this is different from finding a zero-length match at some point in the string.

i) If you just want to find whether there exists a pattern in string, you can use e.g.

a+ in string abcdaa

will tell whether there is one or more than one a present in the string abcaa. If the match is found, it will return a MatchObject that string is found otherwise None. It won't check for any further occurrences of the pattern. So, if you use'a+', 'abcdaa').group(0) you will only get a for string abcdaa

On the other hand, re.findall will return all matches that are found in a string, like [a, aa] for the string abcdaa. So, we can say that re.findall is python way of using g flag which finds all matches.

ii) One may argue that why not use re.findall to find all the matches and if the list is non-empty, then we can say that pattern exists.

In that case, re.findall will be (much) slower than

Comparison (Processor - Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz × 4, Memory - 7.7 GiB)

On a string of size 10000000, using the following code

import re
import time

st = "".join(str(n) for n in range(10000000))

start_time = time.time()"1+", st)
first_time = time.time()
print("Time taken by = ", first_time - start_time, "seconds")

re.findall(r"1+", st)
second_time = time.time()
print("Time taken by = ", second_time - first_time, "seconds")

Output was

Time taken by =  0.00011801719665527344 seconds
Time taken by =  1.7739462852478027 seconds

So, if we just want to know whether there is a pattern that exists in a string, its favorable to use

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